Kick-Ons Shoe Covers: The Easy and Convenient Way to Cover Your Shoes

Do you always track dirt and mud into your home? The Kick-Ons shoe covers are perfect for you! They’re designed to cover your shoes conveniently and easily.


Made of high-quality rubber, it’s made for easy on and easy off. You can adjust the strap for different kinds of shoes, making it perfect for quick trips inside and out. Your cable repairperson will never track dirt in again!


They’re both lightweight and durable, holding up to heavy shoes without weighing them down. They’ll help keep your carpet clean for longer periods of time, and they’ll protect your floors from dirt and rainy wet days!


They’re comfortable to wear, and the durable material ensures the covers will last for a lifetime. Regular shoe covers will typically rip after one use, but these covers won’t be destroyed. Plus, they come in black and pink!


They come in sizes for everyone in the family!


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Kick-Ons Shoe Covers
Available in several sizes