Ivation EZ-Bed: Unfold a Full-Sized Bed in Minutes

Do you often have guests over but don’t have enough space for a standard guest room? The Ivation EZ-Bed is perfect for you! It’s designed to inflate to a full-sized bed in just four minutes.


It has a built-in pump that can automatically inflate and deflate the bed, and it has auto-shut off functions for different mattress firmness: plush, medium, and firm. It’s easy to use and set up—no need for any tools!


Simply unzip the case, plug it into the wall, and turn it on—you can walk away and let the pump do all the hard work for you! It has a durable flocked mattress top with 48 circular coils, giving you a soft and comfortable night’s sleep.


The sleep surface is comfortable, but it also keeps your sheets in place—you won’t wake up with sheets on the floor! It unfolds and inflates to a standard bed height, and the carrying bag has wheels for convenient travel and storage.


It functions as a regular bed with all the convenience of a traveling, inflatable bed!


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Ivation EZ-Bed
Available in twin and queen sizes