ZOLL AutoPulse Resuscitation System: Receive CPR on the Move

Are you a paramedic and struggle with performing CPR while on the move? The ZOLL AutoPulse Resuscitation is perfect for you! It’s designed to provide CPR to your patients when you’re on the go, freeing your hands for other tasks.


It provides high-quality CPR to people who have experienced a sudden cardiac event, giving the person life-saving treatment while they’re being transported to a hospital. The CPR is provided without interruption, possibly improving the person’s chance of survival and recovery.


It’s easy to use and battery operated, making it great for use on-the-go. It squeezes the patient’s entire chest to help improve blood flow to the heart and brain, and it automatically sizes to the patient—this ensures a perfect fit every time, and without wasting precious seconds.


Compared to regular, manual compressions, the AutoPulse has been shown to reduce interruptions during travel to the hospital by over 85%, and in numerous clinical trials, it has shown improved outcomes in patients.


It’s the only device of its kind, and it can help save lives.

For more information on the AutoPulse, check out the company’s website here.


Watch the demo down below!