The KLAX – Axe Multi-Tool System In The Form Of A Lumberjack Head

The KLAX lumberjack head is the answer for anyone who wants the utility of carrying an ax but doesn’t want to carry one.

It’s a handheld device with 7 different tools that can be used without a handle. Here are some of the things you can do with the KLAX:

Stainless Steel Axe Blade
Patent Pending Clamping System
Ulu Knife Blade
Knife Blade
Hammer Head
Cutting/Gut Hook
Hex Wrench Set (Inches)
1/4” Hex Bit Driver Socket
Bottle Opener
Lanyard Hole
Ruler (Inches)

When you need an actual ax or hammer, simply make a handle from a branch found in the field. You could also purchase a handle from KLAX.

Watch the demo below:


Available here:

Posted by GoodGood Gadgets on Saturday, December 17, 2016

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