The MITI-001 Swedish Fire Torch Log Grill – Make A Grill With Only A Chopped Log

The MITI-001 is a stainless steel plate designed to help you start a fire with ease. All you need is an axe and a log to get a fire started with MITI-001.

First, chop the log into four quadrants and align the pieces back in their original shape.

Then, lock it with the four anchoring rods to make your very own fire pit.

The flat and stable cooking surface makes it easy for you to cook large quantities of food or boiling water.

The MITI-001 only weighs 2.5lbs making it very portable and easy to transport.

Available Here.

Watch the demo below:


Available here:

Posted by GoodGood Gadgets on Monday, November 7, 2016

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