Kreg In-Line Clamps: Stabilize Things of Any Shape

If you have trouble stabilizing your projects while you’re working on them, the Kreg In-Line Clamps are perfect for you! They’re designed to hold anything you need in place while you work.


The contoured dial is easy to use and can adjust easily for a snug fit. It’s both durable and lightweight—it won’t weigh you down while you work! If your projects are always moving around as you work on them, this clamp will keep them secure.


The clamp is versatile, holding multiple shapes. The pushrod can give you a 43/4″ adjustment range, and the sturdy peg can fit standard 3/4″ bench dog holes—no matter what kind of bench you have, these clamps will work with it!


Working with a square or rectangle? The clamps will work! Building a round tabletop? The clamps will keep it perfectly still while you work! They’re the perfect size, ensuring they don’t get in the way while you do what you need to do.


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Kreg In-Line Clamps