Presto Nomad Travelling Slow Cooker: Make Your Meals on the Road

If you want to take slow cooker food to your next get-together, the Presto Nomad travelling slow cooker is perfect for you! It’s designed to cook your food as you travel.


It’s great for preparing your food in advance, letting it cook while you go! By the time you get to your destination, your food will be fully cooked and ready to eat. It’s perfect for parties and road trips.


It has a swing-up handle for easy carrying—when the cooker is in carrying mode, the lid seals for spill-proof transportation. The rugged design has cool-touch housing that will prevent it from tipping over and spilling during your drive!


It has an eight quart capacity with a viewing window to let you see your food as it’s cooking. The cover and the pot come out for easy and quick cleaning, and it has a white board to mark down what’s inside!


If you want home-cooked meals at your next party, check out this cooker!


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Presto Nomad Travelling Slow Cooker