Laswell FireFighters: Compact, Powerful Fire Extinguishers Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

In times where life is at stake, it’s important to be active and respond quickly. For fires, a small flame can get completely out of control in less than 30 seconds. During this time, most people aren’t trained with how to handle a fire properly, and a traditional fire extinguisher is too bulky, heavy and inconvenient to use.

That’s why Laswell decided to create a line of fire extinguishers that are compact and easy-to-use by anyone.

The first line of FireFighters are the point and spray extinguishers. They’re offered in two types: FF200 and FF400. The difference is that one is more compact than the other. However, they are both used the same way.

Simply pull the safety ring/take off the cap, aim at the base of the fire, and press the button while sweeping side to side. The extinguishers discharge in less than 20 seconds to put out the fire immediately.

The second line of products is the FireFighter throwing type extinguisher. This extinguisher can be used by anyone young or old. All it takes is a simple move – throwing! Throw the extinguisher at the fire to immediately distinguish it.

The FireFighter throwing type extinguisher works on all types of fires ranging from A-class (wood/paper fires) to C-class (electricity).

Finally, the last line of products is the FireFighter Pack. It’s designed specifically for handling cooking oil fires in the kitchen. In most kitchen fires, people tend to pour water on the flames in panic, but this causes the fire to actually shoot out more sparks.

The FireFighter Pack is an easy way to distinguish a kitchen flame – simply drop the pack into the burning pan and that’s it.

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