Leaf for Life: The Smart Sunshade for Hot Days

Are you worried about the sun’s harmful rays? Are you sensitive to the sun and heat? The Leaf for Life is perfect for you! It’s designed to give you protective shade on hot summer days.

The shade’s design is inspired by the Monstera Delicioso Leaf of Central America, and it combines beautiful design with unique technology. Leaf for Life is made from high-density fabrics that are engineered to give SPF 50+ protection.

Leaf for Life has two specialized treatments on the bottom layer, which gives you real protection in the great outdoors! It comes with its own backpack for easy travel—when you’re ready to relax on the beach, simply unfold the shade and you’re good to go.


The corresponding backpack is a user-friendly and stylish addition to the Leaf for Life. Take it with you on your beach trip, hike, or on your vacation. You can even put your other beach gear in the bag and have room to spare!


The canopy folds flat with an adjustable telescopic pole—unfold it and stick it in the sand! There’s no sharp points on the canopy, and the 360 degree design lets you readjust it when the sun changes position during the day. Plus, it resists winds of up to 50 km/h!

Available in the US: here.
Available in Canada: here.

Watch the demo down below!


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Leaf for Life
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