Comfycup: Keep Your Drink Secure on Public Transportation

Do you know someone who’s always spilling their caffeinated drink on their morning commute? This is the perfect gift for them! The Comfycup will securely hold your coffee on the bus or train.


With this neat little gadget, you can rest easy with your drink secure. Protect your laptop, book, backpack, briefcase, and your clothes—instead of resting your hot coffee between your thighs, in your hands, or between your feet, you can rest it somewhere sturdy.


The gadget clamps on the transit bars, giving you a convenient and secure place to rest your drink without it spilling on yourself or other commuters. Simply attach the clamp to the transit bar and slide your drink inside.


With the Comfycup, you can get things done on your commute worry-free—finish your report or get that proposal done! You’ll also free up your hands for maximum productivity. It can hold virtually any cone-shaped cup, whether it’s extra small or extra large.


The cup can be hot, cold, reusable, or disposable—the gadget will hold your cup easily and securely. It also clips on your bag for easy transportation—the slim and lightweight design makes it great for travel!


Worried about sudden stops on the bus? The Comfycup will protect your drink, avoiding any spills. The rubberized grip will keep your drink secure on the transit pole. All you have to do is clamp it on and you can do what you need to do!


If you know someone who needs coffee on their train ride, this is a great holiday present!


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