Hive Explorer: The Fun, Smart STEM Education Kit

Does your child want to learn more about the world around them? The Hive Explorer insect farm is perfect for you! It’s designed to be a fun STEM education kit for adults and kids alike.


The Explorer is a fun, interactive insect home that lets you recycle your food waste into fertilizer! Using the superpower of mealworms, you and your child can learn how to help create and maintain a healthy planet.


The farm brings nature indoors in a safe way—kids and adults can start growing products on food waste and explore the lives of the mealworms inside. The Hive has open source technology that controls the climate and micro-ecosystem.


You can see all life stages of the mealworm inside the Hive—learn from the loop system of food production and fertilization. Plus, mealworms can even ingest plastic inside the Hive—but don’t feed it to your pets afterwards.


Recycle your food waste in a fun and interactive way!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Hive Explorer Insect Farm