Orange Peel Domestic: Peel Any Fruit or Veggie Hands-Free

Do you hate peeling your fruits and veggies? The Orange Peel Domestic is perfect for you! It’s designed to make peeling a dream come true.


Don’t let the name fool you—this handy kitchen device can peel and round or oval fruit and veggie you have in your home! Peel apples, oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, potatoes, and more—the gadget has you covered.


The Orange Peel Domestic starts at the push of a button. Simply attach your fruit or vegetable to the gadget, secure the top and bottom, press the button, and watch the peel fly off your food—the machine does all the work!


The cylinder with three points is perfect for securing fruits, veggies, and other foods, and the cylinder with the positioner can adjust the thickness of the cutting blade. Plus, it comes with a cable connection!


Perfect for the chef in your life!


For more information on the Orange Peel Domestic, check out the company’s website here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Orange Peel Domestic