Linde Kid’s Forklift: Pedal Powered Working Forklift Can Pick Things Up

This forklift isn’t like any other – it’s pedal powered for your kids! Similar to a Little Tikes toy car, this forklift can be manoeuvred using the pedals and works just like any other forklift to let your kids learn the basics.

It comes with a mini wooden pallet at the front for your children to put items on it and lift. Simply move the forks under the palette and rotate the lifter to start lifting it.

The adjustable seat lets you change to accommodate kids of all sizes and ages. It even has a working horn for your child to “beep” things out of the way.

The toy forklift also has the ability to tilt the forks back and forth making it easy to dump and load items. It’s modelled after the actual Linde Lime Tree Series 394 forklift.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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Linde Kid’s Pedal Powered Forklift