TRACK1 Electric Board: World’s Most Capable eBoard with All-Terrain Track

The TRACK1 is an electric board developed to give people the freedom to travel wherever their heart desires no matter the environment – sand, snow, dirt or street. It does this by having an all-terrain track comparable to a tank with smooth handling or a personal ATV.

With a charge time of 3 hours, the TRACK1 can travel 20mph with a range of 12 miles. This speed and range can vary as TRACK1 travels between numerous terrain types.

If you’re a beginner or completely new to board riding, the TRACK1 has the option of attaching utility handlebars for more durability and flexibility.

The TRACK1 is portable and can easily be brought with you when going camping, to the beach, and more! Simply load it on your vehicle or carry it with you.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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Without Utility Handlebars


With Utility Handlebars