Lion Shares a Special Friendship with Wiener Dog When Meeting Each Other for the First Time

Dachshund dogs, notably known as “wiener dogs” are instantly recognizable through their unique shape of body and small size. These cutie doggies seem like they’re adorable, but for one particular dachshund pup, Abby, that’s not the case.

Abby thinks she’s tougher than anyone, even Bone Digger, the barbary lion. Abby lives at the wildlife park in Oklahoma where she encounters all types different animals there.

What’s even more strange, is that these huge carnivores don’t even see Abby as an afternoon snack. She runs around surrounded by lions, tigers, bears and more without a worry in the world.

Her antics not only make the humans laugh but also the creatures find her quite entertaining as well.

But out of all the creatures in the park, there’s one that Abby has a special bond with – Bone Digger, the barbary lion.

“I can’t say that I’ve seen anything like this bond. There’s always just loving on each other,” says John Reikene, the park manager.

While the two creatures vary tremendously in size and physique, the one thing they have in common is that they like to be the boss of each other.

One moment, Abby will be chasing Bone Digger around, the other, Bone Digger will be chasing Abby.

These two creatures are so amazing to see together.

Watch the hilarious interaction between these two in the video below:


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