Mom Shares Life Hack to Get Perfect Braids Every Time Starting from Under the Chin

Cute Girls Hairstyles is a YouTube channel that shares many different hairstyles you can create through their many videos.

In this particular video, Mindy, from Cute Girls Hairstyles, features a simple hack to get the perfect back braid every time. She calls it the “DIY Reverse Braid”.

It’s a braid that is done completely in the front (you can do it yourself), but is meant to have a result worn on the back.

Mindy explains the steps one-by-one while practicing on Kamri. The trick is to leave mid sections in front of the ears with 1-2 fingertips of space to make sure the completed braid can be flipped over.

While this type of hairstyle is not new, the unique way of braiding in the front is what makes it so unique.

Watch the full tutorial for yourself in the video below:


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