Little Boy Calls 911 Telling Officer His Mom Is “Missing”, Then The Officer Realizes What He Means

Losing a loved one can be very challenging to cope with sometimes. For a young child, this can be even more challenging. They are confused, scared, worried and don’t know what’s going on. This type of emotion is depicted in the short film below.

When a little boy calls 9-1-1 to tell an officer his mom is “missing”, the officer doesn’t buy his story.

The officer thought the young boy was pranking him at first. Until, he realized that the boy’s mother wasn’t “missing”, she was in Heaven. The boy described his mother’s headscarves and how she was sick and wasn’t coming back anymore.

Instead of telling the boy the reality that his mother is gone, the officer decided to suggest an idea for him to feel better.

The officer’s suggestion helped the boy feel happier and instead of being sad and alone, the boy is happy and excited to “talk” to his mother in Heaven.

See what the officer did for the boy below (you might need a box of tissues!):


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