Three Men Step On Stage To Dance To Popular Song “Zorba’s Dance”

Three men dancing isn’t something you get to see often. Three man dancing to an interesting performance of “Dancing Zorba” is something you rarely see.
The men start by stepping on the stage and lining up, soon after, they are moving quick around the stage showcasing their swift Greek moves.

The popular dance for “Dancing Zorba” first appeared in the book Zorba the Greek. Since the book’s release in 1946, the book has received a film and musical adaptation.

However from all three adaptations, there was nothing more popular than the routine of “Dancing Zorba” pulled from the book’s words.

The three men in the video below, Karol Grzebien, Sebastian Cyran and Jakub Zajaczkowski, flawlessly perform the routine they’ve learned by heart in front of dozens in the audience.

Watch the performance below:


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