Little Girl Wants to Give Back to Her Service Dog by Organizing a “Dog’s Best Day”

Bella is an enthusiastic 11-year-old who was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Morquio Syndrome. Because of this condition, as Bella gets older, her mobility becomes more and more restricted. Doctors are concerned because there is no solid treatment plan for Bella to regain her mobility and they have warned Bella and her family that walking would soon be out of the question.

Until, she met the loving paws of George.

George, the giant dane, is Bella’s hero. Bella and her mom was able to get George as a service dog after volunteering at the Service Dog Project for about a year. After getting George as a part of their family, George is able to let Bella walk wherever she pleases by holding onto his back.

Because of this amazing freedom George is able to give back to Bella, she wants to do a little something to give back to him.

With the help of BarkPost, Bella organized a “Dog’s Best Day” for George. From getting delectable burgers, to playing in the snow, to eating doggie treats, George was able to get a beautiful day most canines would dream for!

Thanks to George, Bella is now able to walk freely and not be confined to a wheelchair. She’s eternally grateful for him and it’s clear to see that the love goes both ways. They’ll have plenty of years of fun and adventure together.

Watch George receive his “Best Day” in the video below:


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