Looftlighter: The Electric Heat Gun That Lights Your BBQ in Seconds

Looftlighter is a state-of-the-art heat gun invented in Sweden. While it may look like a pocket-sized flame thrower, it’s actually a simple-to-use household appliance that makes summer grilling a breeze!

Simply plug in, point the gun, and press the button to ignite a bed of charcoal in seconds. It can also be used to light bonfires, campfires, fireplaces, and a variety of other fires (maybe not candles, though).

Celebrity chef Alton Brown’s even got in on the fun by using his Looftlighter to cook an amazing steak!

Because it comes with safety casing, you can be sure you’re protected while using your tool!

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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Looftlighter Charcoal Starter