Lotus Grill: Portable, Smokeless, Battery-Powered Grill for Indoor/Outdoor Use

The Lotus Grill is a portable, smokeless, battery operated grill that can be used indoors or outdoors for delicious meals around the table!

To set it up, first use natural hardwood charcoal to fill up the container. Pour 2-3 capfuls of fire starting gel at the bottom of the lotus grill and ignite it. When the flame is going, use the charcoal container and place it over the flame.

In only 3 minutes, your grill is ready to go. Simply place your meats, veggies or any other foods you want to grill on the Lotus Grill and grill as you normally would.

When you’re finished with your Lotus Grill, cleaning it is as easy as popping it in the dishwasher. If you need to carry it around, the Lotus Grill comes with a carrying bag for easy transport.

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Watch the demo down below!

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