Wigzi Dual Dog Gel Leash: 2-Dog Leash That Automatically Untangles by Spinning

The Wigzi Dual Dog Gel Leash is a leash that attaches to each dog with a 4.5 feet thick and durable rope to handle all types of canines.

The two ropes automatically spin from the handle if it tangles, making it easier for you to walk your pets without worry.

Each Wigzi Dual Dog Gel Leash comes with a patented soft gel handle for ultimate comfortability. You can press on it anyway you like for its shape to conform.

With this leash, you can assure your pets will be seen at night since the ropes are reflective and shine bright.

It’s perfect for when you want to walk your dogs on a long trek or just a short trip around the block!

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!

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Wigzi Dual Dog Gel Leash
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