Man Got Drunk and Lost ID, Finds It in Mail with $7000 Invoice from Travel Agency

When Will, a UK based young adult, got drunk and lost his ID, he thought he’d maybe get a good samaritan calling him or random Facebook message. What he didn’t expect to find was his ID plus a very expensive bill in the mail!

After a heavy night of drinking, our friend Will (@willarmstrong__) lost his ID and only came to realize it too late to go back and find it.

On November 7th, Will received a package from the travel agency Flight Centre. He opened it, half expecting it to be junk mail, only to find his ID attached to an itinerary for his upcoming trip to the Maldives. First Class too, of course.

As he kept on reading, his stomach kept on dropping as each bit of information kept on ringing money alarms in his head. The bill? £5,289.87 or roughly $7000 due in t-minus 3 days. That’s a drunk decision that will set a man straight to never drink again!


As he continued to read it told him to find the next page, where a kind Flight Centre employee wrote down the following: “We’re just kidding 🙂 we’ve found your driving license (enclosed) outside our shop and thought you might need it! Just make sure to consider us for your next Holiday. Take care! -Steve”

Suddenly the world regained its color for Will, and off he went to thank the man at Flight Centre for taking him on such an emotional rollercoaster! A lot less hassle than going to the DMV, right?

We hope that Will learned a lesson here, and that maybe he won’t order as many pints next time he’s out with his mates!


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