“Manspreading” Man Punched Woman in the Face, Bystander Handles Situation Perfectly

A regular subway commute for a New Yorker turned from bad to worse as a woman was punched in the face.

Sam Saia had complained to the man sitting next to her, to stop “manspreading”, which is when a man sits with his legs spread apart, taking more room than necessary.

While the two were arguing, the man suddenly snapped and punched her in front of the entire subway car.

Luckily for the woman, a good samaritan steps into the confrontation and grabs ahold of the violent man, keeping a firm grip.

The 29-year-old man named Victor Conte handle the situation perfectly as the told the man to “Get off the train, bro! You don’t hit a lady,”. He later explained, “I was mad that he hit her and no one else on the train did anything. There were two guys literally sitting across from her, and they just looked away.”

Thankfully for the woman, there still is chivalry in this world and the situation that could have ended dangerously, didn’t.


Check out the video below to hear the whole story from Victor himself!


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