PowerMate Stair Climbing Hand Truck: Safely Transport Heavy Appliances Upstairs with Ease

When transporting heavy appliances and items up the stairs in your home/workplace, it can be a hassle and tough to do without the help of others. With the PowerMate Stair Climbing Hand Truck, you can do easily do the transporting by yourself and make the process quicker.

The PowerMate Stair Climbing Hand Truck is a tool that helps you transport heavy items up/down stairs using batteries. It reduces the work load by 87% putting less strain on your back and saving you time.

The controls at the top of the hand truck allows you to slowly lift the item using battery power, and allows you to move the wheels up one step at a time. No more manual labor needed!

You can even use the hand truck for other situations like loading a truck or van for transport. It’s great for transporting appliances like air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, boilers and water heaters.

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