Manta Ray Gets Beached, People Stand Around Taking Videos Until One Man Goes in to Help

When a massive black mass appeared on the beaches of Praia de Costa Dourada, Brazil, most stood around and took pictures of this bizarre apparition but one man approached it and discovered something else: it was a manta ray! The beast had been beached and was now stuck on a pile of netting. He began to fight the harsh ocean waves in order to return this magnificent creature back to its home. As others still stood by, some realized his struggle as well as that a life was at stake and began helping out to rescue the sea dweller! Watch below as this small community proves to humanity that all life is special.

via The Dodo

Our rescuers finally succeeded in their endeavor and sent the ray back to its home, leaving them with a fulfilled sense of accomplishment as well as a few scrapes and scratches from the rough skin of the manta ray. Observers also said that 15 minutes after they succeeded the return operation a ray was seen jumping out of the water, many believing it to be the ex-beached ray happy to be back home. Below you will find an 11 minute video showing the entirety of the process, unedited.

via ViralHog


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