Pregnant Pig Gives Birth to 17 Piglets When the X-Ray Only Showed 6

If heart-warming stories are for you, you’ll definitely get a kick out of this one.

When the team at Apricot Lane Farms in California took in a sick pig, things weren’t looking good.

They were told that she was extremely malnourished, underweight, and the worst part was that she was also pregnant.

X-rays show that she was due for labour at any time and that she would have 6 piglets. It’s not only until Emma, the Pig, was giving birth that they realized the X-rays were totally wrong.

Instead of 6, she had an incredible 17 piglets, with 13 of the 17 piggy’s surviving. Upon giving birth to her children, she was on the brink of death and they had one last idea. To reunite Emma with her 13 piglets.

Watch the video to find out what happens!


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