Massive Inanimate Beasts Are Walking Around On Beaches Across the Globe

Theo Jansen, a Dutch physicist and artist, has created the STRANDBEESTs, a collection of inanimate beasts that feed off the wind to move and come to life! Theo affirms that his animals are alive in their own sense, training them in his wind lab where they practice walking around and are exposed to the elements until they’re ready to go live on their home environment of the beach. These creatures that often exceed 12 feet in height are created from light plastic tubing with an intricate water bottle and bicycle pump system to act as their stomach.


loek van der klis 18 Scheveningen 2011 kopie

Jansen truly believes that these constructions of his will be able to live by themselves on beaches in the future, as they progressively get better at surviving the elements. He plans to place them in herds and let them make their own lives on the beaches he will leave them on. Read more on his website where he goes into detail about the systems he uses in his beasts!

loek van der klis 16 Animaris Umerus Scheveningen 2009 kopie

theo jansen stille strand Apodiacula 2

loek van der klis 28Animaris Percipiere Rectus IJmuiden 2005 kopie

loek van der klis 15Animaris Percipiere Rectus IJmuiden 2005 kopie


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