Memory Plush: Memory Foam Pets You Can Take Anywhere

Memory Plushes are perfect for the people who love dogs and want a functional constant companion! They’re designed to be cuddly best friends, while also giving you all the support of a memory foam pillow.


The interior is a memory foam pillow, and the exterior is silky and plush. There are no loose parts—everything is stitched on, making it good for kids to play with! At 16″, it’s the perfect size for cuddling and travel.


Use it as a pillow for naps or travel, or as a stand for a notebook, laptop, or tablet! The plushes come in four different breeds: shiba inu, corgi, daschund, and Australian shepherd. Plus, they all have names and distinct personalities!


The cushion is removable, and the cover is machine-washable—don’t worry about getting your furry friend dirty! One dollar from every corgi plush “adopted” goes to QBSDR, a rescue that rehabilitates corgis.


If you’ve always wanted a dog or simply want a plush that will cuddle with you, you need one of the Memory Plush dogs!


Waffles and Frank can be purchased on Amazon. Hazelnut and Blueberry are available here.

Check out the newest breed on Kickstarter.


Watch the demo down below!


Where To Buy

Waffles the Corgi and Frank the Dachshund


Hazelnut the Tri-Color Corgi and Blueberry the Australian Shepherd


Miso the Shiba Inu