Root Assassin Rake Assassin: The Easy Way to Do Your Yard Work

Do you struggle with bending over while doing work in your yard? The Rake Assassin is perfect for you! It’s designed to rake, skim, sift, and dump your yard waste without bending over.


You can use the Rake Assassin to clear up almost any kind of garden waste: mowed grass, leaves, pruning clippings, moss, tree waste, and weeds! It can remove waste from your garden beds, paths, ponds, and lawn quickly and easily.


It weighs under two pounds, making it extremely lightweight for working outdoors! It’s made from powder-coated aluminum shaft, and the D-handle is made from durable plastic, making it comfortable to hold while you do your chores.


You don’t need to switch between tools when you switch tasks—the Rake Assassin can do it all! The ergonomic design limits your bending, and you can dig up fruits and vegetables from your garden without damaging them.


Plus, you can use it to clean up trash from the beach—it can do whatever you need it to do!


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Root Assassin Rake Assassin