Smokehouse Products Jerky Gun: Pipe Out the Best Jerky Possible

If you love making perfect pieces of jerky from the comfort of your own home, the Smokehouse Products Jerky gun is perfect for you! It’s designed to pipe out your own custom meat jerky.


The mechanism is made from corrosion-resistant materials, and the tube is one of the largest in the industry—perfect for making large batches of jerky! The tube can hold roughly one pound of ground meat.


Simply fill the tube with your seasoned ground meat, add the tip on, and squeeze out your jerky! You can use it with virtually any ground meat, and it comes with two stainless steel tips for flat strips or round sticks.


The gadget is lightweight and easy to use, no matter how much jerky you’re pushing out. Plus, the meat tube is easy to take apart and clean! When you clean out the old meat, it’s simple to put back together.


If you enjoy some homemade meat, you need the Jerky Gun in your life!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Smokehouse Products Jerky Gun