Mitchell Industrial Stair Walking Hand Trucks: The Ultimate Cart for Stairs

If you have a hard time getting heavy and bulky items up your stairs, the Mitchell Industrial Stair Walking Hand Trucks are perfect for you! They’re designed to get your things up the stairs with minimal stress on the body.


The M6 model has a 500 lb. load capacity, and it’s ideal for apartment staircases, route deliveries, and residential staircases. The narrow design lets you guide it through tight corners and small staircases.


The M4 model has four tires on each side, and has a 500 lb. load capacity. It has a high back frame and loop handles, letting you load the hand truck up higher. The design configuration gives you extra leverage and control when moving it!


The M1 model has a 600 lb. load capacity, and it has five tires on each side. Made for industrial or commercial stairs, this model is ideal for transporting heavy loads over curbs and up and down stairs.


All these hand trucks are designed to help you get heavy loads up stairs quickly, safely, and efficiently.


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Mitchell Industrial Stair Walking Hand Trucks
Available in several models