Nerigo Evacuation Elevator: The “Elevator” That Doesn’t Need Electricity

The Nerigo Evacuation Elevator is perfect for people who live in apartments or condos, or work in high-rise office buildings. It’s designed to operate as an elevator, but without using any electricity.


It’s intended to be used for emergency evacuation situations—because it doesn’t require any electricity, you can still use it during a power outage. When you get in it, simply press your foot down on the push button.


It uses the person’s weight as the power source, lowering the person down to the main level. When the person steps off, it automatically raises back up to the upper level to take another person down to safety.


The design is simple enough for anyone to use it—children, elderly people, and handicapped people can use it without any additional assistance. While it’s meant for one person at a time, an adult can ride with a small child.



For more information on the Nerigo, check out the supplier’s website here.

Watch the demo down below!