Mom Abandons Boy with No Limbs at Hospital, Adapts to Regular Life After Being Adopted by Utah Family

When this little boy was born in Brazil, nobody expected the big brown-eyed baby to have this under his blanket – no limbs. While the little boy, Gabe Adams, was born healthy, he had no arms or legs. His mother would abandon him for this reason and left little Adams all alone in the hospital by himself.

Prospects for a happy and healthy life were grim. But a loving family from Kaysville, Utah managed to hear his story in a grocery store, and the mother knew she would take him in a second. She couldn’t get him out of her head.

Soon enough, the mother would adopt him into the Adams family and there he would be a part of their family. This includes joining them for their daily scripture studies.

Flash forward to today and Gabe Adams is a remarkable and highly independent 12-year-old. His parents push him hard so that he develops good muscles and determination, but they are also incredibly loving and supportive of him. Now Gabe is living an amazing life, going swimming, acting in plays, singing, and even jumping on a trampoline. It’s a truly inspiring story.

Watch how Gabe does it all in the video below:


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