The Motorized Surfboard Lets You Surf Even the Calmest of Waters with a Motor Strapped to the Board

As if surfing wasn’t already fun enough, here’s another way to make it even more fun – put a motor on the board.

With maximum speeds of 57km/h (35 mph), the Jetsurf is the new way to shred water.

The Pro Race Model comes with an engine displacement of 100cc, uses a mix of gasoline and oil, and features an open exhaust.

It weighs just 14kg fully fuelled, and measures 1800mm in length, 600mm in width and is just 150mm thick.

This particular model of the gas-fueled surfboard is used for advanced riders only.

They have many different other models for all riders that want to try “jetsurfing”.

If you’re interested in getting a Jetsurf, you can contact the company for a quote here.


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