Multifunctional Shopping Trolley: The Cart That Does it All

Do you have a hard time carting around your groceries in an urban environment? The multifunctional shopping cart is perfect for you! It’s designed to be an all-in-one trolley solution that makes grocery shopping easier.


In the store, it combines a shopping trolley with a cart, letting you bypass the store’s provided carts all together! Simply pull it out, and the trolley transforms into the perfect cart for shopping.


It has special compartments, letting you divide your groceries by fresh or frozen! When you get to the checkout line, you don’t need to repack your groceries—this saves you time and energy. No more forgetting to bring your reusable bags.


It’s great for use on public transit, and it can attach to your bicycle. All you have to do is fold it back up and attach it to your bike—that’s it! It transforms from cart to trolley quickly and easily, letting you get home without any hassle.


Plus, you can unpack your food right from the cart!


For more information on the trolley, check out the company’s website here. They are currently looking for interested partners to join their team.


Watch the demo down below!


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Multifunctional Shopping Trolley