WindPaddle Scout Sail: The Kayak Sail for Low-Medium Winds

Do you love kayaking in the great outdoors? The WindPaddle Scout Sail is perfect for you! It’s designed for solo kayakers to sail in low to medium winds.


It’s lightweight and forgiving, and it’s made for casual or recreational kayakers! The sail has a soft batten that holds sail shape, but is flexible enough to be folded down for easy storage and travel.


It’ll quickly pull you downwind, but it’s easy enough for kids to use. The sail launches and flies from the on-deck position, and it can be set up for instant self-launching—no need to return to shore to launch your sail!


It’s made of virtually unbreakable composite materials, ensuring it won’t fail in the rough waters. The sail is easy to set up—you’ll be out on the water in no time! Plus, the sail comes in three colors to suit your style.


If you love paddling, you need this sail!


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WindPaddle Scout Sail
Available in three colors