Neater Feeder: Feed Your Pets with Less Mess

Are you always cleaning up a ton of mess after your pet eats their meals? The Neater Feeder is perfect for you! It’s designed to let your pet eat their dinner in a mess-free way.


They’re mess-proof pet bowls, keeping the food in one contained area. Cleanup is faster and easier—no more finding dog food in weird places! They come in a variety of sizes to suit the size of your pet.


It has a splash guard and dual reservoir design—spilled food stays in the upper reservoir, and spilled water drains into the lower reservoir. This design protects your home from stains and damage, saving you precious time and money!


The elevated design lets your dog eat comfortably, and it comes with leg extensions to raise or lower the bowl. It has two stainless steel bowls: a 3.5 cup food bowl and a 5 cup water bowl—the perfect sizes for hungry pups!


Plus, it comes in several colors to match your pet’s style and your home’s decor!


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Neater Feeder
Available in several sizes and colors