Portions Master Skinny Plate: The Plate for Perfect Portion Control

Do you struggle with portion control when you’re eating meals? The Portion Masters Skinny Plate is perfect for you! It’s designed to map out the correct portions for your food without any measuring.


It helps you eat healthy and lose weight without spending time counting calories. Use each section to portion out your protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber, then remove the Skinny Plate—you’ll have a perfectly portioned meal every time!


It can be used for your three main meals every day, and it takes all the guesswork out of meal prepping! The Skinny Plate also comes in several models for your specific weight goals, helping you control your calories without stress.


With a balanced diet, you can get the right amount of nutrients to maintain good health. The Skinny Plate teaches you proper portion control and guides you towards making healthier food choices—it’s designed to be used with fresh food rather than processed food.


No matter what your weight loss goals are, this plate can help you eat the right kinds of food and the right amount of food!


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Portions Master Skinny Plate
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