Never Get Stuck In Snow Again With The ROTOGRIP Automatic Snow Chain System

Winter driving is absolutely frustrating to deal with. Even with winter tires, there’s only so much traction you can receive before you get stuck in another snow bank or in a patch of ice.

That’s why this system was invented – The ROTOGRIP Automatic Snow Chain System.

It’s intended to give you excellent traction at low speeds due to the adjustable mounting system and unique chain wheel types.

With the flick of a switch, the chain system starts up and gives your wheels 45% more traction by having them drive over the chains. This helps you get out of snow banks and patches of ice.

It’s perfect to get to your destination quickly and safely. It also helps emergency vehicles respond immediately and safely in harsh weather conditions as well.

The ROTOGRIP systems are available in 6 or 18 strand chain wheels to suit any vehicle available.

If you would like a ROTOGRIP system, you can check out their product page here and contact them for more information.