Wynd Smart Portable Air Purifier: Keep Your Air Clean Wherever You Go

The Wynd Smart Air Purifier is perfect for the person who hates polluted air! It’s designed to create a bubble of clean air around you, no matter where you are.

It comes with one filter that typically lasts for three months in a heavily polluted environment.

The air tracker analyzes the air around you and lets you know when it becomes unhealthy via the corresponding smartphone app.

Because it constantly monitors the air around you, it automatically adjusts, ensuring you get the best quality air.

With normal use, the purifier and tracker can last for about eight hours at a time.

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Wynd Smart Portable Air Purifier with Detachable Air Quality Tracker
Available in two colors


Wynd Wearable Air Quality Tracker
Available in two colors


Medical-grade Replacement Filter


Baby Stroller Holder for Portable Air Purifier