North Aware Smart Parka: Winter Coat with Built-In Gloves, Scarf and Extension

If you live in a city where the weather can turn from good to bad in the matter of minutes, you’ll understand the struggle of not having articles to keep you warm such as gloves and a scarf.

It doesn’t really make sense to carry around these articles when the weather isn’t terrible when you leave the house, but what if you could carry it on you at all times?

That’s where the Smart Parka steps in.

Firstly, the Smart Parka has soft and water resistant leather gloves that are tucked neatly inside the zippered pockets in the coat’s sleeves.

This allows you to pull it out whenever you need it most while having your hands free for times when the weather is being cooperative.

The Smart Parka also has a built-in scarf to cover you up when it suddenly starts to wind or get colder than you anticipated.

The coat extension feature on the Smart Parka allows you to extend your coat from a hip-length parka to a mid-length coat for those particularly chilly winter nights.

There are many pockets available in the Parka such as a: tablet pocket, glasses pocket, phone pocket, and hat pocket to keep your items safe and with you.

The Smart Parka comes in many different designs for both men and women. The variety of styles allow you to choose a Smart Parka that suits your look.

Available Here.

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