Rescuers Get Called for Stranded Pups, Find One of the Biggest Litters Deep in Cave

After the Michigan Humane Society was sent to rescue a mom and her pups, little did they know they’d find 11 puppies stranded in a cave their mother had built for them, particularly one that was incredibly deep and not human size friendly!

Rescuing Raina and 11 little pups was quite the arduous process. Chris Ouwerkerk, the lead rescuer in this operation, was tasked with getting the litter out of a little cave that their mom had made for them.

With a serious lack of space and light, Ouwerkerk had to reach in one at a time and pull each dog out. Unable to see how deep the hole was or how many puppies were supposed to be in there, he had to constantly keep brushing his hands to make sure that he had gotten all of them.

By the end of the round up they were left with 11 puppies and their mom Raina. They all made their way back to the Humane Society to get cleaned up and ready for adoption. The staff was now left with 1 question: how do we get all of these little creatures into their forever homes?


A few weeks, later after the pups had gotten old enough to go off on their own, the MHS was holding their adoption session for the litter and the mom. Having decided on creating a lottery system for the adoption, they had hand picked 12 applicants from their pool to come in and get the chance to go with one the puppies!

Composed of families and couples, each of the participants had a chance to meet the litter and get introduced to each pup to figure out which one would suit them best. As they made their lists of pros and cons, they were each given an envelope containing a number from 1 to 12. A few moments later, Matt Pepper, CEO and President of the MHS, gave to go ahead to open them. Now the race was on!

Slowly but surely, each puppy found themselves in their new owner’s arms. Every family was ecstatic, finding almost the perfect match for each of their personal tastes.

“Yeah we picked Skye because she was super fun, great personality! Plus she’s black, and uh, my wife wears black to work everyday, and haha, was kind of a priority in the household.” said Stephen, Ayla and Diana who adopted Skye.

“My mom sent me a video from Facebook, and we fell in love! Well we’ve always, always wanted a puppy. We just bought a new house, we thought it was a great time for it and we also want to give dog’s a second chance to (Ryan’s wife interrupts him as seh starts hysterically laughing while getting a barrage of kisses from their new pup!) I think that’s why!” said Kelly and Ryan who adopted Raiden.


“We picked Cloud because she was cute, and she wasn’t one of the ones that was running around crazy. She was a little more chill. I mean they were all so adorable, it was hard to chose!” said Christine and her partner who adopted Cloud.

“We adopted Raina, the mama of the 11 German Shepherd puppies, that everybody else is taking home today, so we’re pretty excited. We were excited to get her, you know, puppies are a lot of work and she was everything we wanted on TV. We got to meet her and we’ve loved her ever since!” said Matt and Erica who adopted the mother, Raina.


As we can see, each of them found a home that is going to welcome them with open arms and offer them a beautiful life. A life free of dark and muddy tunnels, and instead filled with walks in the parks, treats and endless cuddles filled with love! We wish the best to Raina and her pups, as well as all the families and couples who are starting a new chapter in their lives with these furry creatures!


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