Oloo Sneaker Skates: The Shoes That Transform into Skates

Do you want an easy way to travel on foot? The Oloo Sneaker Skates are perfect for you! They’re designed to transform from a pair of sneakers into roller skates in just seconds.


The flexible sole makes it easy to use in walking mode, and the shoes have three support racks that stabilize the wheel frame, making it safe and easy to skate wherever you have to go. These shoes will take you to school or work safely and quickly!


It has a simple operation: use the trigger located at the back of the shoes to move the wheels out or put them back in! The anchor hidden in the heel will keep your wheels in whatever position you need for walking for skating.


When the wheel is embedded, you can walk on the pavement easily and with minimal friction. The skates are great for long-distance journeys, and the sneakers are perfect for comfortable walking shoes.


If you want the convenience of skates and sneakers in one unit, these shoes are for you!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Oloo Sneaker Skates