OROS Orion Series Jacket: NASA-Inspired Thermal Apparel

Perfect for those looking to stay warm without lugging around a huge jacket, these jackets were made with the inspiration of NASA’s technology.

The OROS Orion Series jacket is a jacket lined with SolarCore Aerogel which a special blend of aerogel that is often used in insulating NASA’s spacesuits, space shuttles and even their Mars rovers.

The blend of SolarCore is one of the first in the world to offer 4-way stretch and incredible breathability but while still maintaining the powerful insulation it is known for.

Withstanding a blast against liquid nitrogen that has a temperature below -321° Fahrenheit, the jacket was able to stay at a comfortable 89° Fahrenheit for the wearer inside.

Compared to other goose down or synthetic fill, The OROS jacket doesn’t need the same puffiness due to its elevated expertise in technology.

The jacket includes 8 zipper pockets with a removable hood and snow skirt which is fitted with the SolarCore technology all around.

With 3 main products ranging from a jacket to gloves to a beanie, they are sure to be that special someone who wants to stay warm this winter!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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OROS Orion Series Men’s Parka


OROS Orion Series Women’s Parka


OROS Orion Series Insulated Beanie