Wheeme Massage Robot: Get Your Own Personal Masseur at Home

Perfect for those who want a massage in an instant, the Wheeme is a palm-sized robot that acts as your own tiny masseur.

While it moves slowly across your body, it gently massages and caresses your body with its own unique sensor technology.

This little cyborg automatically steers itself over your body with very little chance of falling off or losing its grip.

Helping you to unwind, the Wheeme small wheels and the rotor gently presses against your skin providing a delightful sense of relaxation.

By facilitating your state of mind, the Wheeme is great for those who want to relive stress and have a general soothing experience.

In 4 different colors of blue, red, purple, and pink, the Wheeme also has a special attachment that can be purchased that enhances the experience even more.

The set of “Tingle Fingers” could be bought that provides a tickling sensation while the Wheeme is also giving you a gentle massage.

Available Here and on Amazon.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Wheeme Massage Robot