PeelAways: Easily Change Dirty Bed Sheets

Absolutely hate changing your sheets all the time?

These sheets will be able to save you time and money when dealing with changing the dirty sheets. Just rip them off!

PeelAway Labs have created soft, comfortable mattress protector that you can simply tear off without needing a trip to the washing machine.

Simply set up the sheets on your bed like you normally would.

When the bed sheets need changing, peel the old one off and it will reveal a fresh, new sheet.

It comes in packs of 5 which will allow you to last a while without having to change the whole set again.

Originally designed for patients who were unable to move when the sheets were needed to be changed, they can also make everyone’s life a little more convenient.

The sheets are made from a nonwoven fiber blend that provides strength, absorbability, and softness for a comfortable nights sleep.

It will be able to protect against leaks and spills with its microspore waterproof membrane but also allow for breathability throughout the night.

Keeping you cool during the night, Peelaways contain polyester, rayon and bamboo fibers to provide a luxurious slumber experience.

The bed sheets come in either a twin XL size or a queen, allowing it to fit most sized beds.

Save the trip to the laundry and sleep comfortability on your new Peelaway disposable bed sheets!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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