Utile Shower Wall Panels: Install Tiles in Your Shower in Just One Day

Do you want to update your bathroom, but don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself? Utile Shower Wall Panels are perfect for you! They’re designed to look like traditional tiles, but minimal work and disruption.

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The tiling comes in several colors and styles, including subway tiles, marble, stone, and concrete! You can even select more elegant tiles to match the decor that already exists in your bathroom. Because the panels have the look of tile, they blend in beautifully.

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It installs in three easy steps: align the wall panels, lock them into place, and add silicon—that’s it! The entire process can be completed in a single day or weekend, making it a fun project for you that gives you gorgeous results!

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There’s no grout, no mess, and no hassle involved—you have the realistic look of grouted tiles without any of the mess or stress. The panels have a 10 year warranty—you won’t have to worry about your brand-new bathroom for years to come!

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For more information on Utile Shower Walls, check out the company’s website here to find a dealer near you.

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Watch the demo down below!