Peragon Truck Bed Cover: Protect Your Belongings in Your Truck

Are you always transporting materials in the back of your truck? The Peragon Truck Bed Covers are perfect for you! They’re designed to protect your truck bed from weather and theft.


It’s engineered to easily cover and retract, letting you use your truck bed when you need it, and cover it when you don’t. Protect your materials from rain or snow, or keep it open to carry larger items.


It has a key-locking mechanism, giving you deadbolt security to protect your valuable materials when you’re away from your truck. Don’t worry about theft or damage—the truck bed cover will protect everything you have.


The cover can quick-release without any tools in just 30 seconds, and the panels weigh less than 40 pounds—they can easily fit in the back of your truck or in your garage. Plus, it comes in several finishes to fit your truck’s style!


If you have precious cargo, you need this cover!


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Peragon Truck Bed Cover
Available in several finishes