Lava Lunch Totes: Keep Your Food Hot All Day Long

Do you hate eating a cold lunch at school or the office? The Lava Lunch is perfect for you! It’s designed to keep your lunch hot until it’s time to eat.


Traditional lunch bags limit what you can bring—if you have a delicious dinner that you want to bring for lunch, it’ll usually be cold by lunch. And if you don’t have a microwave available, you’re gonna have a sad time eating.


The secret is in the heat packs—when you microwave them, the packs will slowly release the microwaved heat into the interior of the tote. It’ll keep your food hot for up to five hours, making it the perfect temperature at lunch time!


All you have to do is heat the Lava Rocks in the microwave for a few minutes, put them in the tote, then place your pre-heated meals inside. Come lunchtime, you’ll have a hot, delicious meal to fuel your body!


Plus, the tote’s interior will wipe clean when you’re done!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Lava Lunch Totes
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